Being a Janitor in Tangerang City costs tens of millions, DLHK: We Will Follow Up


Being a Janitor in Tangerang City costs tens of millions, DLHK: We Will Follow Up

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Photo: Tangerang City Environmental Service/ Special

NASIONALXPOS.CO.ID, TANGERANG CITY – Entry to become a janitor at the Tangerang City Environment and Cleanliness Service (DLHK) is rumored to be paid up to tens of millions to a civil servant.

They are rumored to pay Rp20 to Rp25 million when they just entered work as street sweepers under the auspices of the Tangerang City DLHK.

“Pay IDR 20 to IDR 25 million to the Supervisor, Mr. Teguh, a Rajeg person,” said the source.

Teguh as the Tangerang City DLHK Supervisor confirmed the rewards received by a number of sweeping workers.

“It is true that there are a number of workers who give rewards for coming to work, but not that much,” he admitted to reporters.

Photo: Special

Meanwhile, the Secretary of DLHK Tangerang City, M. Dadang Basuki, admitted that he would follow up on DLHK employees who were accused of asking for money in exchange for working as street sweepers.

“We will follow up. We process according to the rules,” Dadang told the media crew, Friday (2/2/2024).

He admitted that previously the employee had been processed for the same problem.

“The civil servant has done the same thing by returning the money (gratuity) to the victim,” he said.

In this case, his party will summon the person for further follow-up regarding the truth. (CK)

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