Furious that Social Assistance Grants are not Disbursed, Gianyar Regency DPRD Member ask Pj Regent to Open up


Furious that Social Assistance Grants are not Disbursed, Gianyar Regency DPRD Member ask Pj Regent to Open up

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member of the Gianyar Regency DPRD from the Golkar Party faction, I Made Togog (left). Photo: Special

Member of the House of Representatives (DPRD) of the Gianyar Regency Golkar party faction, I Made Togog responded to the Pj Regent of Gianyar Dewa Tagel Wirasa regarding several social assistance grants that could not be disbursed. The reason is, some people feel disadvantaged due to policies that are considered discriminatory, especially in the management and disbursement of social assistance grants.

“Naturally, Gianyar DPRD members are furious because the social assistance grants are ‘not disbursed’. What we are doing is something serious as well as our obligation in fighting for the rights of the people. We do not want to polemicize. Also do not reduce that what we do is just a gimmick, “said Togog, Thursday (25/1/2024) at 4.07 P.M Central Indonesian Time.

Togog also said that the current leadership of the Pj Regent of Gianyar should be the main task of maintaining political stability in Gianyar Regency and maintaining neutrality in making policies by realizing the Regional revenue and expenditure Budget (APBD) Regional Regulation according to what has been decided in the plenary, without any discrimination.

He reminded, DPRD as a political institution that is present and sits on the choice of the community, when inaugurated, there is an oath that must be pronounced and witnessed by the public.

“And most importantly, witnessed by God by swearing, ‘That I will fight for the aspirations of the people I represent’,” he said.

The obligation of the DPRD is to carry out the control /supervision function of the Executive, whether it has carried out its obligations in accordance with the agreement as stated in the APBD Regional Regulation. For this reason, DPRD must seriously carry out the people’s mandate in accordance with its main tasks and functions by starting the development planning process through recess, the results of which are formulated in the form of Principles of Thought (Pokir).

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While related to the Executive, development planning through the Developmemt plant meeting (Musrenbang) process and will be included in E-planning. Furthermore, it will be agreed in the General Budget Policy and Temporary Budget Ceiling Priorities (KUA PPAS), then budget discussions will be held, until the determination of the APBD in the form of a Regional Regulation.

“If then the budget is not enough due to Regional Original Revenue (PAD) not being achieved, let’s discuss it in the discussion of the Accountability Statement Report (LKPJ). So that the public knows, we open everything so that it is truly transparent and nothing is hidden. We understand very well, how the strategy of disbursing Social Asistance grants by the executive at the end of the year. We even know how many ‘SAPUJAGAT‘ (what I Have Should Not Be proposals are submitted by parties who have strong access to power during budget changes, this is the culprit for the budget being said to be ‘Not Enough‘, because the amount exceeds what has been planned and agreed upon,” Togog uncovered.

Togog said that the Executive should realize that socio-political balance must be realized if the social control function of the Council is to work well for the creation of good and clean governance.

“The Executive and DPRD are a unity and an inseparable part in the administration of government in the region, they should respect each other,” explained Togog.

The former vice chairman of the Gianyar DPRD for the 2014-2019 period reminded the Pj Regent that he would never stop fighting for what should be the rights of the people who were castrated.

“We challenge the Pj Regent to open to the public all data on grants that have been, and those that have not been disbursed. Don’t let those whose grants are not disbursed be blamed, said to be incomplete!, not proactive!, the budget is not sufficient!. We ask for openness. If not, then we will fight this injustice forever. And don’t blame us if we keep asking the attention of Mr. Pj Governor to remove the current Pj Regent of Gianyar,” threatened Togog.

When confirmed by the media at 4.50 P.M Central Indonesian Time via Whatsapp message, until this news was published, Pj Regent of Gianyar Regency Dewa Tagel Wirasa regarding the Social Aid grants that could not be disbursed, has not provided any information.

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