This is the Principal’s Statemen on the Protest of Hundreds of Students of Situbondo Public High School 1 


This is the Principal’s Statemen on the Protest of Hundreds of Students of Situbondo Public High School 1 

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photo: Agung CH/ Wednesday, (10/1/2024).

NATIONALXPOS.CO.ID, SITUBONDO – The protest action of hundreds of students of public high school 1 (SMAN 1) Situbondo some time ago (4/1), demanding that the principal resign from his position was responded to by Marta Mila Sughesti as the head of SMAN 1.

The information was only obtained by reporters of the media, when clarifying via telephone, Wednesday, (10/1/2024).

In this statement, Marta Mila Sughesti stated that she could not provide a response to the actions of hundreds of students.

“So we may not be able to give a response yet, let us think about the conduciveness of the children first,” said the principal of SMAN 1.

Likewise, when confirmed the vice principal of SMAN 1, Hermawan. However, when giving a statement, he even admitted that he felt sorry for the hundreds of students who took part in the demonstration. According to him, with the loud protest, he was worried that it could affect their Teaching and Learning Activities (KBM).

“The demo was just putting up posters/pamphlets. As long as it does not interfere with the children’s KBM, there is actually no problem. But when it interferes, we feel sorry for them. Especially class XII, whose learning time is already tight. We feel sorry for them,” explained Hermawan.

A different thing was conveyed by the head of the Perjuangan Rakyat NGO Rachmad Hartadi some time earlier. Even with a furious tone, he agreed if a Marta Mila Sughesti resigned as principal.

“In my opinion (Marta Mila Sughesti’s resignation as head of SMASA) is a better hope, so that problems do not develop again,” said Hartadi, when confirmed by the media crew recently.

According to the man who is familiarly called the Songot beracun, the feud launched by a number of students at SMAN 1 was suspected to be due to the policies of the principal who allegedly did not favor the interests of his students.

“Because during the reign of the previous head of SMASA until now, there has been no upheaval from students conducting demonstrations. Only the current principal, there is turmoil. So, the good name of SMASA as a superior school is tarnished because of this,” Hartadi explained, last Friday (05/01/2024).

As previously reported, the internal chaos of the education unit, which is familiarly called SMASA, began when the school and Situbondo Environment Services (DLH) cut down trees in the green zone several times.

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Not only that, even the marching band, which is the extra-curricular pride of SMAN 1 students, is said to have been eliminated. This triggered most of the students to feel disturbed and uncomfortable. As a result, they took action as a form of protest through orations of objection while displaying reactionary writings. (Agung CH)

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