Campaign in Bali, Young Activists Regret that Gibran did not Present a Discussion


Campaign in Bali, Young Activists Regret that Gibran did not Present a Discussion

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Young activist from Bali Province, Arya Gangga. Thursday, (11/1/2024). Photo: Special

NASIONALXPOS.CO.ID, DENPASAR – Vice Presidential Candidate Number 2 Gibran Rakabuming Raka, Tuesday (9/1/2024) campaigned in Denpasar and Buleleng as well as consolidating with volunteers at Singaraja square.

From the information known, Gibran will visit several agendas, including attending creative economy community activities, declarations and folk party concerts held in Denpasar.

One of the young figures and activists from Bali, Arya Gangga, told the media crew on Thursday (11/1/2024) afternoon that he gave a scathing comment on Gibran’s presence some time ago in Bali.

Arya Gangga regretted that Gibran’s presence in Bali, which should have taken the time to discuss and dialogue with groups of student elements, communities and activists in Bali, was not included in the agenda of Gibran’s campaign visit in Bali.

“Once again my position is firm, the politics of ideas must be the main role in enlivening the 2024 election democratic party,” said Arya Gangga.

This young Balinese activist also said that young people should be used as political subjects who must be seen as thinking people, not as political objects that can only be claimed by certain politicians.

“I hope this will be a big evaluation of TKN to TKD from Prabowo-Gibran. Or is it that TKN deliberately avoids discussion spaces with activists, because activists tend to have strong ideas and arguments in discussing in every forum?,” Arya asked.

“I invite all young people not to become fanatical voters, let’s use our voting rights objectively, choosing prospective leaders based on their ideas and capabilities, because Indonesia needs leaders who are able to dialogue as one of the largest Democratic countries in the world,” concluded Arya. (Uchan).

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