Challenging Adrenaline at Bengkawah Sikasur Waterfall Pemalang


Challenging Adrenaline at Bengkawah Sikasur Waterfall Pemalang

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Challenge your adrenaline at Curug Bengkawah waterfall at Sikasur village, Belik District, Pemalang Regency, Central Java Province. Photo: Ragil for

NASIONALXPOS.CO.ID, PEMALANG – Rafting or white water rafting is a type of rafting activity on a river channel that has rapids, This extreme sports activity is popular with many people, requiring strong stamina and teamwork, and also solid cooperation, as the name suggests, this sport of rafting travels along riverbanks with fast flowing water.

It’s not surprising that when doing this sport, you need equipment that protects you from head to toe, such as a protective helmet, life jacket, and several other protective equipment that have been Used every time the twig is done.

Curug Bengkawah Rafting is a water sport which is in the same location as the Curug Keca tourist attraction, Located in Sikasur Village, Belik District, Pemalang Regency, Central Java Province, where is Pemalang Regency which is already famous for its river flow adrenaline pumping tourist spot.

This rafting route starts from Curug Bengkawah, heading towards the river in Simpur Village. The location of this place is in the middle of rice fields and when you want to register, visitors will be greeted with a beautiful view of expanses of green rice fields and views.

From the center of Pemalang city to Sikasur Village, it takes approximately 45 minutes, then from Sikasur Village, getting to the tourist attraction takes only 5 minutes.

With road access that has been paved and good, so that 4-wheeled vehicles can directly enter the Curug Bengkawah Waterfall location.

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