Asparagus Cultivation is A Leading Coaching Program for Prisoners at Bangli Narcotics Prison


Asparagus Cultivation is A Leading Coaching Program for Prisoners at Bangli Narcotics Prison

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NASIONALXPOS.CO.ID, BANGLI – Correctional Institutions (Lapas) today are no longer a place of imprisonment for a prisoner but have been transformed into a place of guidance with the hope of restoring the unity of life and livelihood relationships by creating independent and productive input.

For this reason, as a place for fostering prisoners caught in narcotics cases, the Regional Office (Kanwil) of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights (Kemenkumham) Bali through Class IIA Bangli Narcotics Prison has established various independence development programs.

The independence development program at Bangli Narcotics Prison is present by providing various forms of skill development for prisoners such as plantation development, newspaper skills, terrazzo making, tofu-tempe making, electric welding, workshop, catering and many other skills.

One of the leading coaching in Bangli Narcotics Prison is asparagus cultivation which is very rarely found in other prisons in Indonesia. Prisoners are taught how to cultivate asparagus from seeding to harvesting with the hope of providing provisions after serving a criminal period.

After several months since the first planting, the asparagus cultivation of Bangli Narcotics Prison has been distributed outside the prison through cooperation with the Tani Mertanadi Petang Cooperative. Almost every day, asparagus planted and cultivated by prisoners is ready to be harvested and distributed.

In addition to asparagus, tempe and tofu made by Bangli Narcotics Prison inmates is also a favorite of the community. With the guidance of the Bangli Regency Cooperative and UMKM Office, tofu and tempe from Bangli Narcotics Prison are routinely present in exhibitions held in various different places, most recently at the Bangli 820th Anniversary exhibition in early May.

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Not stopping there, Bangli Narcotics Prison also tries to see new business opportunities in accordance with the development of needs and trends in the community as a benchmark for the type of coaching program. This is intended so that the skills possessed by Bangli Narcotics Prison inmates are not outdated. For example, making pots, bathtubs and the like with terrazzo material is a form of up to date independence coaching.

Head of the Regional Office of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights Bali, Pramella Yunidar Pasaribu in her written statement expressed her appreciation to Bangli Narcotics Prison for its success in implementing a coaching program for narcotics prisoners.

“The coaching program implemented at Bangli Narcotics Prison has shown positive results, this can be seen from the number of prisoners who have successfully completed the program and returned to the community with skills and knowledge that they can use to live a better life,” Pramella explained.

Pramella also explained that the success of this program is clear evidence of Bangli Narcotics Prison as a place to foster and empower prisoners.

“The coaching program at Bangli Narcotics Prison is a good example for other prisons in Indonesia, and I hope that Bangli Narcotics Prison can continue to improve the quality of its coaching program so that it can provide greater benefits for prisoners and the community,” Pramella concluded.

From the various forms of development programs presented, Bangli Narcotics Prison always provides the best service including to prisoners so that the correctional goals can be achieved and have an impact on society. (Uchan)

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