4 Chinese New Year Foods, Nutrition and Calorie Content


4 Chinese New Year Foods, Nutrition and Calorie Content

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NASIONALXPOS.CO.ID Every nation in the world has its own celebrations, including the Chinese people who like to celebrate Chinese New Year every year.

There are many foods provided in Chinese New Year celebrations that characterize it. Therefore, in this article, we will discuss about 4 typical Chinese New Year foods and Chinese New Year food calories:

1. Basket Cake

Basket cake, known in Mandarin as nian gao, is a snack that looks like dodol and is made from sticky rice flour and sugar. So it is not strange, if many people call it Chinese dodol.

Basket cakes have a chewy and sweet texture, so they are loved by everyone.

However, be careful if you overeat it. You should pay attention to the calorie content of this Chinese New Year specialty.

One piece of basket cake (20 grams) contains 47 calories, 0.1 grams of fat and 7 grams of sugar. Even 100 grams of kue keranjang can contain 148 kcal. The calorie content will be even higher if it is fried.

Although high in calories, they are rich in complex carbohydrates that provide sustained energy.

Not only that, although not high in protein/fiber, they can be a quick source of energy.

2. Legit Layer Cake

Legit layer cake is also one of the favorite Chinese New Year foods that are loved by many people.

As the name implies, this brownish cake with many layers has a legit texture and a sweet and tempting taste.

It is made from butter, eggs, and sugar. One piece of legit layer cake (50 grams) can contain 259 calories and 11.28 grams of fat in your body. Therefore, you should not overeat it because it contains a lot of calories.

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3. Cupcakes

Like a basket cakes, cupcakes has a chewy texture. The difference is only in terms of texture, a Basket cakes is similar to dodol, while cupcakes are more like cakes in general.

Cupcakes are made from rice flour with a delicious flavor and unique appearance that many people love.

Because they are made from flour with a sweet flavor, the sugar content in these cupcakes is very high. In 100 grams of cupcakes, it contains about 369 calories. Therefore, you should not overeat them because legit layer cakes contain quite large calories.

4. Yu Sheng

In Chinese, yusheng or yee sang means raw fish and can also be translated as prosperity.

Yu Sheng is a type of salad, a dish that consists of fresh fish such as salmon or tuna topped with sliced vegetables, such as radish or carrots.

Yu sheng will be eaten together at Chinese New Year celebrations in accordance with Chinese tradition. This communal meal is called lo hei.

Uniquely, when eating it, they also often raise the plate as high as possible which symbolizes improved luck.

A serving of yu sheng (360 grams) can contain 550 calories, 42 grams of fat, and 16 grams of sugar. So, if you consume two servings of yusheng, you can get over 1000 calories.

However, as a raw fish salad, yee sang is a food rich in omega-3s from fish, as well as vitamins and minerals from fresh vegetables. This Chinese food also contains fiber, which is good for digestion.

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