Rachel Leung Proud to Play Ling in the Movie In Broad Daylight


Rachel Leung Proud to Play Ling in the Movie In Broad Daylight

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NASIONALXPOS.CO.ID, BALI – One of the movies that will be shown at the Bali Film Festival (Balinale) 2004 is a movie called In Broad Daylight. In Rachel Leung’s exclusive interview with nasionalxpos.co.id, in the middle of the Bali Film Forum event, Sunday (2/6/2024) at Intercontinetal Resort Sanur Bali, she expressed her pride in being able to play Ling, a mentally ill person who was sexually abused in the movie directed by Lawrence Kan.

Rachel explained that the movie is based on true event. In Broad Daylight reveals the little-known truth about nursing homes for people with disabilities hidden behind the headlines. A news organization’s investigative journalism unit receives information about abuse of residents at Rainbow Bridge Nursing Home. To uncover the wrongdoings of the home, reporter Kay goes undercover to expose the inhumanity within the home, searching for the cruel truth in broad daylight.

“Being an actress is challenging, with or without makeup, one looks very different and in this movie I play Ling without makeup which made the director choose her as Ling,” she said.

Rachel recounted how she went into the audition without proper preparation. Even due to the pandemic, she was unable to meet people with intellectual disabilities in person and had to rely on medical reports, documentaries and her imagination to understand Ling’s character.

“When actors read the script, it’s easy to judge the character from the point of view of superiority. But in “In Broad Daylight“, I realized that despite their limitations, people with intellectual disabilities have the same humanity as anyone else. It’s important to empathize with the characters and learn to like the characters in the script,” Rachel concluded the interview.

In “In Broad Daylight“, Rachel was honored as the best supporting actress for her role as Ling. Rachel Leung is not a newcomer to acting. Before, She played in the movie “Somewhere Beyond the Mist” in 2015. (Tik)

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