Devil’s Market, the Hidden Mystery Behind a Haunting and Mystical Forest


Devil’s Market, the Hidden Mystery Behind a Haunting and Mystical Forest

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NASIONALXPOS.CO.ID — A new horror movie titled Devil’s Market (Pasar Setan) is ready to provide spooky and thrilling entertainment for those of you who love mystical movies. Produced by IDN Pictures, the movie is based on a folklore about a haunted supernatural market in the middle of the wilderness.

The movie, directed by Wisnu Surya Pratama, stars a series of Indonesian artists such as Audi Marissa, Agni Pratistha, Roy Sungkono, and Michelle Tahalea. Here’s a brief synopsis of Pasar Setan that you should know.

The story begins when a police officer named Rani is transferred to Banyuwangi after a wrongful arrest incident at her old office. In her new city, Rani faces a strange case that draws her into a supernatural conspiracy.

There is a group of vloggers who enter the forbidden forest to prove the existence of the Pasar Setan. Unfortunately, the four vloggers met death, leaving only one person named Tamara who survived. Tamara was detained by local villagers on charges of being the ruler of the Pasar Setan.

Rani, who was curious about the case, took over Tamara’s handling from the local police. She tries to pry information from Tamara to reveal the dark secret behind the haunted forest.

Unfortunately, Tamara is severely traumatized and has difficulty remembering the horrific events she experienced. Only the video footage on her cell phone remains to help Rani uncover the mystery of the Devil’s Market. But the more Rani digs for information, the more bizarre things she encounters.

Pasar Setan Movie Cast

Pasar Setan presents a neat collaboration between senior director Wisnu Surya Pratama and a series of top actors in the country. Here are the main cast of Pasar Setan movie and the characters they play.

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– Audi Marissa as Tamara
– Roy Sungkono as Kevin
– Michelle Tahalea as Rani
– Prince Lantang as Yunis
– Shindy Huang as Caca
– Kiki Narendra as Rahmat Police
– Agni Pratistha as Nyi Salimah
– Epy Kusnandar as Abah Agung

Themes and Moral Messages

Although wrapped in the horror and mystical genre, Pasar Setan actually contains a deep moral message. This movie reminds us that nature has supernatural powers that we cannot just ignore.

Through this movie, the director seems to want to convey an appeal so that we always preserve the forest. Do not carelessly cut down trees or damage the forest environment that holds various natural secrets.

Pasar Setan also raises the issue of the rampant use of law enforcement officers who utilize their positions for certain purposes. The character Rani, for example, tries desperately to investigate the case despite the opposition of her fellow policemen.

That’s a brief review of the synopsis of the horror movie Pasar Setan, which is based on a haunted and mystical legend in the mountains. With the horror genre, this movie is expected to provide a sensation of tension and spooky entertainment for the audience.

Thanks to the fine acting of the cast and the exciting storyline full of mystery, this movie is worth looking forward to. Don’t miss the premiere of Pasar Setan in your favorite theaters starting at the end of February 2024.

Get ready to get goosebumps and be creeped out by the supernatural story presented nicely in this movie! Enjoy this new local horror movie made by IDN Pictures with family and friends.

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That’s all the articles about the Pasar Setan from us, hopefully our explanation of this film makes you even more convinced to watch this one horror film! Let’s invite friends and family to watch the devil’s market in your favorite theater!.

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