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Rental Mode, Three Perpetrators Embezzled 14 Cars Successfully Arrested


Rental Mode, Three Perpetrators Embezzled 14 Cars Successfully Arrested

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Three perpetrators were successfully arrested by Pasar Kemis Police Station for cases of embezzlement and/or fraud. Friday, (24/11/2023). Photo: Special

NASIONALXPOS.CO.ID, TANGERANG DISTRICT – Criminal Investigation Unit of Pasar Kemis Police Station, Tangerang City, Banten Regional Police, managed to secure three perpetrators initials (Ew, Em and Na), where they commited cases of Fraud and or Embezzlement Article 378 and or Article 372 Embezzlement to Ahmad Hapipudin, a resident of Gelam Jaya, Pasar Kemis sub-district, which occurred on (24/11/2023).

Tangerang City Police Chief Kombes Baktiar Joko Mujiono said, the perpetrator with the initials Ew was successfully secured at his residence in the gelam jaya regency housing area, Pasar Kemis sub-district, Tangerang Regency.

From the confession of the suspect, Ew has committed fraud and embezzlement of 14 (fourteen) units, with the modus operandi that the suspect rented a car unit and then the car unit was pawned to the suspect Em As much as 8 (eight) units and A As much as 5 (five) units. Em and Na as a collector.

“We managed to secure the perpetrator after coordinating with the victim Ahmad Hapipudin,” said Baktiar in his statement, Friday (05/01/2024).

The incident occurred on Friday, (24/12/2023) with the cronology S (witness) contacted the victim and asked the victim that the Toyota Avanza B 1494 XB car would be rented by Ew for 10 (ten days) with a rental price of Rp250,000, – (two hundred and fifty thousand rupiah) and payment would be paid at the end, on the grounds that he wanted to mourn his subordinates who had an accident in the Bogor area, then the victim handed over the Toyota Avanza car to S and then, S handed over the Toyota Avanza car along with the keys to Ew.

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And after the rental limit expired for 10 (ten) days the victim asked S, then S asked Ew but the answer was an additional day’s rent, and after 1 (one) month the victim asked for the car to be returned and Ew asked for an additional day and because he was suspicious, the victim then went to Ew explaining that his car and the cars of S, As, K and Heri had been pawned to other people. Then the victim brought Ew to the Pasar Kemis Police Station and then the victim reported the incident for further investigation.

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