Hundreds of Situbondo High School Students Rally to Demand Principal’s Resignation


Hundreds of Situbondo High School Students Rally to Demand Principal’s Resignation

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photo: Agung CH

NASIONALXPOS.CO.ID, SITUBONDO —The protest of hundreds of students at Public Senior High School (SMAN) 1 Situbondo demanding that the principal relinquish her position, suddenly caused an uproar in the district led by Regent Karna Suswandi.

How not to be in an uproar, the turmoil that allegedly tarnished the world of education as a form of resistance to the attitude of an individual, has now gained the attention of the head of the People’s Struggle NGO Rachmad Hartadi. Friday, (05/01/2024).

According to the man who is familiarly called Songot, the antipathy vented by a number of students was allegedly the aftermath of the policy unscrupulous principal of SMAN 1 who allegedly did not favor the interests of her students.

“Principals should not act arbitrarily so that it does not appear to be an abuse of authority in carrying out their duties. I disagree, because this eventually caused problems with students. Protesting, some cannot attend lessons. This hampers the learning of the nation’s generation,” he said angrily.

Based on the results of information collected, the internal chaos of the education unit, which is familiarly called SMASA, began with the school and Situbondo Environment Office (DLH) cutting down trees in the green area several times.

Not only that, even the marching band which is the extra-curricular pride of SMAN 1 students, is said to have been eliminated. This triggered most of the students to feel disturbed and uncomfortable, so that as a result they protested loudly to show their complaints through speeches by displaying reactionary writings on Thursday, (04/01/2024) last.

On the other hand, when confirmed by the head of SMAN 1 through her deputy Hermawan, he admitted that the tree cutting assisted by DLH Situbondo had made the SMASA environment hot.

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