Day 3 of Bali Spirit Festival, Presents Yoga Teacher and World Percussionist


Day 3 of Bali Spirit Festival, Presents Yoga Teacher and World Percussionist

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Bali Spirit Festival presents Yoga Teachers and world percussion musicians. Saturday, (4/5/2024) photo: Special

NATIONALXPOS.CO.ID, UBUD – The third day of the Bali Spirit Festival 2024 which began on May 2, 2024, was attended by hundreds of participants from various countries to take part in a series of events covering yoga, dance, music and healing.

There was a Vocal Odyssey class brought by Nessi Gomes at Studio Ketut. The class began with a short meditation accompanied by positive affirmation words. Then the participants were invited to walk around the studio while mumbling and singing. This class was also attended by participants from within and outside the country.

No less interesting, there was also the Suntara Sound Healing Journey class brought by Suntara. In this class, participants were asked to meditate and lie down while listening to music from singing bowls, handpan and shamanic drums.

The highlight of the day was the press conference for Bali Spirit Festival 2024. I Made Gunarta as the founder of Bali Spirit Festival 2024, Aga Salim from JIVARAGA, Anjasmara, Jordi Jules and Bex Tyrer as performers at this year’s festival.

In his remarks to the media crew who attended, Saturday, (4/5/2024) I Made Gunarta explained about the origin and preparation process of the Bali Spirit Festival every year. He also explained about his contribution to Bali by establishing Ayo! Kita Bicara HIV and Bali ReGreen.

While Jordi Jules explained about his life journey from the beginning he learned Qi Gong in China, and how he finally decided to teach. He also brought his Quantum Flow and Qi Gong classes to this year’s Bali Spirit Festival.

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There was also Bex Tyrer who shared that He has been teaching at The Yoga Barn for 15 years. He also said that yoga is always evolving and changing and talked about the importance of doing yoga for yourself, and not just for the beautiful image.

Indonesian actor Anjasmara, whose name is widely known for his role in the series Si Cecep, shared his yoga journey in 2005, when he was still active as an actor. In early 2013, he started Yoga Teacher Training, and now, he teaches Hatha, Vinyasa, Yoga Nidra and so on. Anjasmara also shared that when he does yoga, he feels more peaceful. He attended the Bali Spirit Festival because he felt he could learn a lot at this festival.

Aga Salim as the sound healer from JIVARAGA also shared stories at the Bali Spirit Festival Press Conference. He explained in detail the vision and mission held in JIVARAGA.

At the same place, the performance of an art group from Barru Regency, South Sulawesi was also one of the favorite events on the third day of this year’s Bali Spirit Festival. They performed Mattojang dance, which is a musical and traditional composition from Sulawesi.

At the end of the third day of this year’s Bali Spirit Festival, there was a lively music night, featuring world-class musicians such as Catur Hari Wijaya, Melbourne Ska Orchestra, and Buzzy the Kiwi. (Tika/team)

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