Bali Tourism Office Conducts Tourist Levy Monitoring at Uluwatu Tourist Destination


Bali Tourism Office Conducts Tourist Levy Monitoring at Uluwatu Tourist Destination

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NASIONALXPOS.CO.ID, BADUNG – Following up on Bali Provincial Regional Regulation Number 6 of 2023 concerning Levy for Foreign Tourists for the Protection of Bali’s Culture and Natural Environment and Bali Governor Regulation Number 2 of 2024 concerning Procedures for Payment of Levy for Foreign Tourists, the Bali Provincial Tourism Office carried out monitoring of tourists at Uluwatu tourist destination, Badung on Tuesday (26/3/2024) afternoon.

Head of the Bali Provincial Tourism Office Tjok Bagus Pemayun who directly led this monitoring said that this activity was part of monitoring as well as socialization of the foreign tourist levy program which has been in effect since February 14, 2024. Monitoring like this will be carried out regularly in Tourist Destinations. According to him, there are still foreign tourists who are not aware of the foreign tourist levy policy.

“By regulation, monitoring or checking this levy voucher is not only carried out at the airport, but also carried out in tourist destinations, accommodation and other places visited by foreign tourists. Not all foreign tourists know that Bali has implemented this foreign tourist levy. We have conducted socialization to the Indonesian Embassies abroad, the Ambassadors of friendly countries in Jakarta have also been notified, but that is not enough,” he explained.

For this reason, Tjok Pemayun admitted that the Bali provincial tourism office would continue to socialize, the response of foreign tourists was considered very good to this foreign tourist levy policy.

“They welcome this policy, but it must be transparent and the use is clear. We have said that it will be used for environmental preservation and strengthening Balinese culture,” he added.

Meanwhile, Chairman of the Indonesian Recreation Park Business Association (PUTRI) I Gusti Ayu Agung Inda Trimafo Yudha also welcomed the foreign tourist levy policy. She said, she was ready to support and succeed the policy which she said was very good.

“We welcome this policy and are ready to help the government, especially to assist the levy officers in carrying out their duties in the field. We must provide good services and explanations to tourists, do not let them be uncomfortable, we hope that the funds collected can also be used for the tourism sector in addition to the environment and culture,” She said.

Chairman of the Bali Tourism Industry Association (GIPI) Ida Bagus Agung Parta Adnyana also said that he would continue to oversee the foreign tourist levy policy so as not to cause new problems in the tourism industry in the future.

“We will definitely continue to guard, not to cause new problems in the tourism industry. The funds that have been collected at this time may be used immediately. Of course, I hope that the funds that have entered can also be returned ( for the tourism sector,” explained Gus Agung, the nickname of this Sanur tourism figure.

Also present on this occasion were, the Manager of Tourist destination Management of the Outer Area of Pura Luhur Uluwatu, Wayan Wijana Manager, Civil Service Police Unit of Bali Province, Civil Service Police Unit of Badung Regency, Indonesian Tourist Association (HPI) Bali, Association of The Indonesian Tours And Travel Agencies (ASITA) Bali. (Tik/team).

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